Northern New England Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA Collaboration: Host Site Application

Please complete the fields below.  Each site will also need to submit at completed Volunteer Assignment Description and Host Site Agreement.

Organization Name:
Please use full 9 digit zip code.
Is this address the same as the physical address where the member will be serving?*
Physical Address of AmeriCorps Member*
Please use full 9 digit zip code.
Provide a brief description of the organization that will be hosting the VISTA.
Your overall project description should describe the community need to be met and the population(s) to be served by the project. The project description should provide an overview of the programming your project will provide. Successful project descriptions will highlight and focus on improving college aspirations, increasing the belief that college is an option, increasing access to higher education for low-income individuals seeking higher education, and increasing educational success for low-income individuals. Finally, please explain how your project will recruit and manage volunteers and leverage both cash and in-kind resources to support access and success of low-income populations.
Create a condensed project description to be used for recruiting purposes. The description will be given to candidates when interviewing with Campus Compact and should provide a brief overview of the project. (125 words, 1000 characters)
What level of education is required for this position?*
Please designate who will be the supervisor for the VISTA member and who will orient, train, supervise, and evaluate the VISTA member.
This could include but is not limited to: faculty, campus staff, district staff, agency staff, students, etc.
Sustainability outcomes are the impacts that lead to the institutionalization of new programming effort measured over a five-year period of time (example: staff positions funded to continue activities or projects, student leadership of activities, new programming maintained by existing staff, etc.) It is understood that your sustainability outcomes will be different depending on what year you will be entering of hosting a VISTA.
Have you hosted an AmeriCorps member with the Northern New England Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA Collaboration before?*
Please indicate your preferred member start date.*
Please note, we will do our best to accommodate, but we cannot guarantee that your member will be placed on your start date.
Do you provide additional support for your AmeriCorps members?*
Options include but are not limited to: housing, meal plans, gym passes, parking passes, supplemental grocery or gas gift cards, additional professional development funds, etc.
This individual has the authority to sign the Host Site Agreement on behalf of the organization.
This address will be used to send the Host Site Agreement directly to the authorized signer.
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